A Guide to Off-Road Motorcycle Riding

If you like the idea of being able to go anywhere on the Australian continent and you have an adventurous spirit, taking up off-road touring is a great idea. Ideally you would have some basic road riding experience, which would provide a solid foundation for getting to grips with off-road riding, and with that in mind, here are some useful tips to help you make the transition to riding and touring off-road.

  1. The Right Bike – If you drop by at Yamaha motors in Sydney, you can view their extensive fleet of touring bikes, and the ideal machine would be the Yamaha Tenere, which is a 700cc off-road machine that is full of hi-tech gadgets and is ideal for adventure touring. The bike is not too heavy, has plenty of power and great grip, plus you can add side panniers to allow you to carry more gear. The dealer can offer competitive finance rates, which makes the purchase affordable.
  2. Necessary Equipment – Obviously, you need to wear protective clothing when touring on a motorcycle, with a suitable pair of boots that are comfortable enough to hike a few kms, plus heavy trousers (denim works) and a leather motorcycle jacket. A wet suit is essential, which is light and can be slipped on in an instant, plus you should have a quality pair of riding gloves. Most bike showrooms also stock clothing and add-ons, plus there are online suppliers of specialist biking clothing and accessories.
  3. Practice Makes Perfect – In order to become a competent off-road rider, you need to get some experience under your belt and that can be achieved at the weekends, by tackling a diverse range of terrains in different weather conditions. This is the only way to determine your skill limits, and, of course, the capabilities of the bike, and you should always have the greatest respect for your machine and its power.
  4. GPS – GPS can really help you to navigate you way around and by adding a smartphone holder to your bike, you can safely view the device when on the road. Google Maps or another application would give you precise bearings and directions to where you intend to go, and this eliminates the need for large and bulky maps.

If you love adventure and the great outdoors, purchasing an off-road bike is a great way to explore the wilderness, and if you enrol in a motorcycle riding course, this will give you a solid foundation from which you can develop your skills.






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