Get Familiar with Car Crashes Types and Injuries

Car accidents are main cause of injuries, which can leave immense physical damage at times. The severity of injuries can differ from one crash to another as it depends on different factors like crash angle, vehicle weight, and speed.

Kinds of car crashes

  • Head on collision – This can be fatal or cause severe injuries to the head & brain, back & spinal cord, broken bones, whip lash, serious cuts, soft tissue injuries, and lost limbs.
  • Rear end crashes – In rear end collision, common injuries experienced are whiplash, head, neck and back as well as soft tissue damages.
  • Side impact smashes – If the collision is on your side then it includes head & brain, beck & back, chest & abdominal, pelvic, limb, and soft tissue damages.
  • SUV rollover crashes – Due to SUV’s high gravity center, it is prone to roll over, while taken a corner very fast. Head, spinal cord, soft tissues and broken bones are common injuries.
  • Fatal crashes – Crushing injuries and burns that can result in death are the outcomes of extremely serious accidents.
  • Large vehicle hits small car – The results can be catastrophic as the weight and size of large vehicle is more. Injuries include broken bones, spinal cord damage, head injuries, burns or exposure to hazardous chemical the large vehicle may probably be transporting.

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How car accident injuries can deteriorate your health?

Head & back injuries

Seated driver along with passenger can get their heads banged on the windows, dashboards or steering wheel in a high-speed crash. It can cause mild concussion or the victim can go in a coma or suffer from permanent cognitive issue. Often extensive medical care and treatment is necessary for such injuries. The victim can even suffer from hearing loss, vision issues or skull fractures.

Back injuries

Spinal cord injuries causes’ nerve damage, which in turn reduces control over legs, feet, arms, legs and other parts. In serious cases, the person may even get paralyzed.


Neck & chest injuries

Whiplash can trigger the muscle and ligament damage of the neck, due to sudden movement. Patients even suffer from short term vocal cord paralysis. Chest trauma can cause collapsed lungs and broken ribs or cardiac arrest. Immediate medical attention is necessary in internal bleeding in chest region.

Pedestrians also get involved in accidents. Besides physical injuries there is the emotional scars left behind from involving or witnessing car collisions. Take help from the best car accident attorney!

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