Sectors That Require the Services of a Mobile Crane Hire Company

There are many industries that need to have heavy equipment lifted into place, which is a job for a crane hire company, and with the latest generation of mobile cranes, heavy loads can be safely lifted. Here are just a few of the industries that rely on crane hire.

  • Manufacturing – Many factories make good use of robotic technology and these amazing robots require specialist logistics to assist in the transportation and installation of robotic manufacturing systems. If you are looking for crane hire in Perth, a Google search will bring up a list of crane hire operators, who would be happy to quote for your project.
  • White Glove Logistics – The term ‘white glove’ refers to technical equipment that needs to be transported and installed in a specific location. Medical equipment, gym fitness machines and other types of technical systems need to have white glove logistics.
  • The Oil Industry – When an oil refinery is ready to replace a large piece of equipment, they would call in a local crane hire company. Lifting heavy equipment demands a team who have hands-on experience in lifting and manoeuvring large, heavy items and if you have a project that needs specialist lifting, talk to a local crane hire company.
  • Maritime Industry – Ships that require engine replacements also need specialised lifting solutions and with a specialist crane hire operator, the work is fully insured. Parts of a vessel are often moved into place using a mobile crane and the crane operator would be very experienced at moving critical pieces of equipment for installation on a maritime vessel.
  • Construction Industry – Large civil engineering projects require heavy lifting; bridge sections, for example, are sometime put into place with 2 or more mobile cranes. When building skyscrapers, materials need to be lifted onto new levels and a hoist or a crane would be used. Both steel and concrete need to be lifted, indeed, many large construction sites have their own permanent tower crane.
  • Digital Signage – You can expect to see more digital signage, especially when 5G is rolled out and a mobile crane is often required for installation. This equipment is obviously expensive and very delicate; the white glove logistics provider handles this type of work, using manufacturer-approved technicians.

If you ever need the services of a specialist lifting company, search online for mobile crane hire and let the experts handle the project, as they have the know-how and hands-on experience working with heavy loads in confined spaces.

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