Tips for Choosing the Best Motorcycle Dealer

If you are like most motorcycle buyers, you might be excited to purchase a second-hand bike. But, poor after-sale service can cause the excitement to wear off quickly. Whether you are a new or experienced motorcycle rider, finding a good bike dealer can put you on the right path. Aside from offering bikes for sale, concessionnaire BRP also acts as an information resource and community hub.

If you still don’t have a motorcycle license, you must apply for one so you can drive a bike legally. After getting your license, you can buy a motorcycle from a private seller or a dealership. But, getting one from a dealership offers many benefits such as the availability of financing options. When choosing a motorcycle dealer, below are some tips to help you:

Determine the Kind of Bike you Want to Buy

 There are different types and styles of motorcycles available on the market and your choice influences the dealership to visit. The majority of dealerships specialize in just a type or two. Sports bikes have a sleek look and you can get them from brands such as Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha. Tour bikes are ideal for long trips as they feature comfortable seats and space for bags, drinks, and other items. These bikes usually have bigger bodies and engine displacements. Finally, a cruiser has a big displacement engine. It holds you upright or slightly leaned back.

Get Information about Dealers

Look online to learn about dealers in your area. Allow the kind of bike you want to guide you toward the right dealers. Contact some of them and ask questions. Check if they offer use or new bikes. Ask them about your preferred model and if they have in-house financing. Keep in mind that not all dealers are available for your call and you don’t want to choose a company that is not easy to contact.

Check Reviews from Previous Customers

After having a list of possible dealers, check reviews left by their customers. These reviews will tell you about the quality of customer service they got from the dealer. Also, reviews inform you about the dependability of the products at the dealership. Don’t choose a dealer with shoddy products, incredibly high prices, and bad customer service.

Visit Dealerships

Once you already know which motorbike to buy, speak with a salesperson at the dealership. Pay attention to how they talk to you and note their honesty, knowledge level, and approach. A good dealer is trusted by their customers.

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