What Influences the Car Transport Cost?

Car shipping cost depends on several factors and can differ from one auto Transport Company to another. The cost to transport a vehicle internationally will be more than shipping within the country. The car-size will also impact the total shipping cost. For example, the cost to ship sedans will be less than transporting vans and SUVs to the same destination.

Choosing a cheap quote is not always sensible because you may have chosen a broker and not booked an order with a direct car carrier. Even the different service levels matter. You can choose Ship A Car transport provider because they offer great services and are associated with the transport and shipping industry for more than 30 years.

Different service levels for car transport influences the cost

Shipping on a flatbed

If the move is for a short distance this is the cheapest way but has its risks. Your car has to move across an inclined ramp while loading. Vehicles with low clearance and sensitive transmissions can get damaged while getting rolled up the ramp. The cars get exposed to road debris and other elements. Insurance coverage is low in comparison. Remember, to reserve flatbed transport for shipping cars to short distances or breakdowns.

Open car carriers

Open trailers are cheaper to ship your car across the nation but have its risk. If the open carrier uses a ramp to load and unload then there is the risk of damaging your classic car or exotic car’s undercarriage.

The vehicles are exposed to dust or pollution on the road. The added risk is there are other cars on the upper deck and by chance, if that vehicle leaks fluid then your car’s paint can get damaged. The insurance coverage of open car carriers is also low than enclosed carriers. Find out the level of insurance the auto transport company carries.

Enclosed car carriers

Enclosed carriers are significantly costly but offer a high security and insurance level, especially if your car is shipped long distance or cross country. In an enclosed carrier, your car stays protected from climatic elements and external dust and debris.

Enclosed carriers come with conveniences like lift gates for safe loading and unloading. Besides, the car gets covered for extra protection. Every auto transport companies don’t offer car covers or liftgate services, so check it out before booking.

Direct carrier versus broker

The brokers book orders and look for a carrier in their network. They bid low prices than what was charged from you. The brokers are not carrier owners nor do they have any loading equipment or drivers working for them. Their business runs from the commission made from connecting a customer to the carrier.

On the other hand, a car carrier owns a fleet and haulers. The broker finds a cheap car carrier for their customers, so they can increase their profits. The cheapest carrier is not the most reputable or the best. Therefore, when you study the different quotes and find a cheaper one be careful because it may be from a broker or less reputable transport agency.

Understand the different service levels and then decide which auto transport company to choose from. The price must not be the decisive factor.

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